Prayer Works – The Testimony Book

CEO and Founder of APMEE kicks off the year with the release of her first book “Prayer Works”

Alysha Powell releases her book “Prayer Works – The Testimony Book” Saturday, January 20th, 2018. The book highlights the life events that occur following a tragic event. She gets lost into a world of darkness. Nine years later she has a breakthrough and begins the process of truth and healing. Through prayer she was able to come out of a domestically abusive relationship, remove her abuse to substances and be released from depression. She managed to seek her way to the truth – a life in Christ. She will be sharing the moment with you and the seven contributors to her book who attribute their life testimonies to Christ and his existence. No matter where you are in life, nor what you believe in, you do not want to miss out on this inspirational, life-changing event!

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APMEE is a mental health and spiritual wellness company that transforms lives through faith-based meditation therapy, healthy eating and inspirational content. To inquire about the services APMEE provides to relieve stress, anxiety and pains PERMANENTLY, check out our SERVICES.

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-Alysha Powell

Founder and CEO of APMEE, LLC


Alysha Powell is a Virginia native and operates her business primarily out of Maryland.  She is a lover of Christ, a wife, a mom and is a lover of people. She believes that there are gifts and desires in all individuals that can be used for a divine purpose, but realizes that not everyone sees their potential, knows how to use it or yet will not want to use it for good. Alysha inspires individuals to envision these depths of their gifts and apply practical steps to achieve unimaginable results. Through her gift of connecting people to an intimate relationship with GOD, she motivates the birthing of these gifts to present before the world to experience. She is passionate about seeing people delivered and set free from bondage and living in their God given assignment.

With her virtual business, she has already been able to reach, touch and transform the lives of hundreds including individuals, local organizations against domestic violence and abuse, the local sheriff’s department, adult homes, youth, christian academies, ministries and more.

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