APMEE INSTITUTE is where a majority of research will be conducted. It will also, launch several series of courses for individuals or groups who wish to be Certified in APMEE Meditation principles to offer exclusive services in different locations across the world or to train those who desire to open an APMEE HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER.

If you have it in your heart to support the cause for transforming our world by renewing of the mind to all who live in it, PLEASE DONATE TODAY! It is MY PLEDGE that donations received are not for my personal income and use, but instead used to create, present and provide the resources/tools to reach or assist those in need. When you DONATE, the funds are designated and distributed into either resources/supplies, materials, research, travel, and the construction of APMEE HEALTH & WELLNESS CENTER and APMEE INSTITUTE. Donations will also be appropriated to individuals who are in need of the program, but are not able to afford it! DONATE below. For more information please visit the Partner/Sponsor Page.

Our Community

If YOU are interested in being involved in volunteering, sponsoring or partnering with APMEE, please fill out the form and I will be in touch shortly! You may also email me at APMEE.org@gmail.com.

About Apmee

APMEE envisions a world transformed by the renewing of the minds. We believe in Purpose, Transformation, Action and Unity. APMEE introduces strategic, individually tailored programs that apply practical approaches to healthy day to day operations. Our stamp is faith-based meditation, good nutrition and inspirational content.

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