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The sessions are so awesome! Not only do I learn more about myself and grow spiritually, my mind and spirit feel like its getting a relaxing massage. I’m so relaxed and renewed after each session. I strongly recommend this to anyone! Please go through the experience! So much benefits and something for everyone. 


One of the meditation sessions that I had with Alysha was much needed. I was feeling depressed and was just having a hard day. Doing the Meditation session was a calm place for me, the breathing techniques were right on time, just calm your spirit and put your mind at ease. I truly recommend meditation sessions for relaxation and calmness of the body and mind.


Meditation sessions with APMEE allowed me to pause and understand the importance of getting quiet and seeking God for guidance before acting. There were many times prior to going into meditation I was frustrated or ready to give up, but learning proper biblical meditation through APMEE has taught me how to deal with frustrations by giving them to the only ONE who can truly help. This has truly reduced my stress!


Meditation Services

Individual Programs: 1-1 Coaching Sessions custom designed for your breakthrough and deliverance!


Enjoy a 30-60Min. complimentary Demonstration to experience APMEE Meditation! Wish you could hit the reset button? Here’s your chance! Enjoy a 30-60Min. FREE Demonstration of APMEE Meditation!


Discover your purpose! The Consultation is the first step to your transformation. In this 30-60Min. Consultation, we will get to know each other and strategize a program that fits best for your needs, goals and results you desire to see!

8-Week Program

You will be guided and coached through 8(eight) consecutive and intense weeks either via Video Courses, Video Conference, Phone or Face-to Face (Where available). You will receive a workbook, weekly activities and a weekly coaching call included with this program!

12-Week Program

This relaxed 12- Week Program deep dives into the characteristics of the Fruit of the Spirit and allows a solid process for identifying key areas in your life where we can uproot, enhance and enrich! All Meditation sessions are either via Video Courses, Video Conference, Phone or Face-to Face (Where available). You will receive a workbook, weekly activities, a weekly coaching call AND access to monthly Q&A calls!

Spousal Meditation Support

You do not have to suffer alone. This is the perfect option for a spouse who desires to see their marriage thrive and flourish yet may lack support from their spouse; or for an individual in a relationship who’s goal is marriage and is in need of coaching and guidance to improve their relationship and self-growth.

Youth Meditation Support

Our Youth is our future. This strategic program engages your child to filter out negative thoughts, actions, behaviors, perspective and emotions. Through Meditation they will be able to renew, refocus,  and shift towards a positive transformation, positioning them for an advanced and enlightened future! This service is provided to Youth ages 3-17 with parental/guardian consent.

Group Programs: Coaching Programs for small to large groups offered to (but not limited to) Youth, Adults, Families, Spouses, Churches, Schools, Non-Profits, Agencies and Organizations, Businesses, Staff/Employees, Hospitals, Group Homes, Juvenile/Adult Detention facilities and Mental Health Rehabilitation Centers/Facilities.

FREE Group Demonstration

Enjoy a 60Min. complimentary demonstration for your staff or organization to experience APMEE Meditation! Need to hit the Reset button in your organization? Here’s your chance! Enjoy a 60Min. Demonstration offered to you and your staff or organization on us!


In this 30-60Min. consultation, we will get to know each other, more about your organization and discuss a program that fits best for your group needs, goals and results you desire to see! We will discuss package options based on the information discussed.

8-Week Group Program

Explore the depths and roots of your organization. Experience a sound mind and unity. This intensive 8-Week program consists of individual and group accountability, effective communication, collaboration, interaction and unity.

12-Week Group Program

Become whole together. Take a deep exploration into the beautiful Fruit of the Spirit. This is a solid, peaceful and tranquil program that will ingrain principles to endure through any circumstance.

Corporate Packages

Ready. Set. Meditate! These jam packed packages include Meditation Programs that will motivate, inspire and transform your organization inside and out! Mastering the Fruit of the Spirit is just the beginning. Your organization will enhance its overall morale, leadership, communication and mindset, then put it all into action! Inquire NOW!

Custom Appearance Package

If you desire for me to speak or present APMEE/APMEE Meditation at a meeting, engagement or special event, please inquire about the 1 Day, Weekend or Multi-Day Offers!!

Marital Meditation Coaching

Roll up your sleeves. Let’s dig in! No matter where you are in your marriage, there can always be improvements. Not only will you and your spouse learn in depth how to apply the Fruit of the Spirit and meditate together, but you will engage, interact and learn to appreciate each others’ Love Languages! Revitalize your marriage and fall in love in a new way!

Church Group Meditation

We offer a very special Meditation program to our Churches. With spiritual renewal dear to our hearts, we deliver deeply enriched Spiritual Programs with your church’s needs in mind. As a body, journey the path of redemption and deliverance together uprooting the old and replacing it with the things from above.

Family Meditation Support

Coming Soon!

NOTE: If you do not see a specific service of interest, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US to inquire!!!

DISCLAIMER: APMEE services are not a substitute for medical attention, examination, diagnosis, treatment, professional advice by legal, medical, financial, business, spiritual or other qualified professionals.

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About Apmee

APMEE envisions a world transformed by the renewing of the minds. We believe in Purpose, Transformation, Action and Unity. APMEE introduces strategic, individually tailored programs that apply practical approaches to healthy day to day operations. Our stamp is faith-based meditation, good nutrition and inspirational content.

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